Sophia Subbayya Vastek
musician, softie
est. 1987

a brief note on streaming

Some of my music is available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and other streaming/purchasing sources such as these. You can listen to my music for free on these services.  It’s important to me that you know that these companies do not provide an equitable or sustainable model for musicians.

These companies pay artists fractions upon fractions of a cent per stream/download. Unfortunately, they have created an eco-system in which it’s almost required, and certainly expected, that musicians place their music on these platforms, often in order to be considered for other opportunities.  Worst of all, they’ve created a culture in which music is expected to be free. 

For reference: when someone pays $10 for a single album of mine directly, that’s roughly equivalent to 5,000 streams on Spotify, or (horror) 10,000 streams on Youtube.  That is simply not sustainable for independent artists who rely on income from their music.

Additionally, did you know that music played through these services is highly compressed and low quality and often bears little resemblance to the original, carefully produced work? 

The wonderful news is that there are an increasing number of ways to support artists directly. I heartily suggest Bandcamp, where artists get a very high percentage of sales and maintain a direct relationship with their audience. Plus, Bandcamp is a wonderful, socially-minded company that has done a lot over the years to support artists and causes that I care very much about.

You can listen to and buy my music on Bandcamp here, here, and here.  Many of your other favorite, independent artists are also probably on this platform. Or, you can reach out to artists directly and find out how they prefer to be supported. :)

Lastly, I have a subscription through Bandcamp where listeners can support me in an ongoing way.  This is the best model of all.  You can join for $5/ month.  In this space, subscribers get first access to new releases and I also share things that don’t get shared anywhere else.  It’s lovely.

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