Sophia Subbayya Vastek
musician, softie
est. 1987



Based in Troy, NY, musician Sophia Subbayya Vastek defies easy categorization. Moving between musical worlds, she has been described as “a wonder” and “audacious” (Inactuelles), and as performing with "passion and profound tenderness” (Second Inversion) and “serene strokes and lyrical beauty” (Brooklyn Rail). With the piano as her foundation, Sophia’s music-making and composing draws on her classical training to create what she calls “music for softies.”  Her debut album Histories was released on innova Recordings in 2017, produced by multiple Grammy-winning engineer Adam Abeshouse. She has since released the EP Lili, as well as several recordings spanning genres in collaboration with her partner Sam Torres. She is a co-founder of Organ Colossal, a nonprofit that produces and curates musical events with the aim of building a community for musicians and listeners that is rooted in empathy, creative honesty, and vulnerability. Sophia has performed internationally across three continents, as well as extensively in the northeastern United States.

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“Vastek’s fingers fly…. with passion and profound tenderness”

“serene strokes and lyrical beauty”

“Une merveille! (A wonder!)

10 Women Musicians from the Capital Region
That You Should be Listening to Right Now”

Press for “Histories” Album

"Vastek’s fingers fly through the rapturous piano solo with passion and profound tenderness, almost as though the melodies were born in her bones." -Second Inversion

“The result is both an homage to Vastek’s own individual histories but also a beautiful mosaic of the larger cultural intersections of our world—and how we weave those histories together through music." -Second Inversion

"Intriguing melding of sounds and flavors." -Jazz Weekly

Press for The Lift Series

Interview on WAMC’s The Roundtable with Sarah LaDuke

Article in The Collaborative Magazine

”The Lift Series looks to unite audiences, celebrate Troy”
Write-up in The Saratogian
“It honors the past, yet has an edge because it foretells the future. But, by the curator’s definition, it is music for contemporary audiences. Making it cooler, it is offered in a speakeasy setting within one of the great music halls of the world.”

Announcement in Berkshire on Stage

Feature Article in the Albany Times Union
“Couple brings new energy to music scene in Troy”

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